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Garland/Locke/Keezer at the NDR, Hamburg

March 2012: "Ich denke, die unterschiedlichen Ausgangspunkte, Persönlichkeiten und Lebensumstände machen dieses Trio besonders reizvoll", sagt der Vibrafonist Joe Locke über Storms/Nocturnes. "Wir sind aufgeregt wie die Kinder, wenn wir zusammenkommen. Da wartet ein großer Spielplatz auf uns, und wir finden den Weg dahin - ganz ohne Navi."

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Video: Storms/Nocturnes "Libra" (by Tim Garland)

September 2011: Geoffrey Keezer, Tim Garland and Joe Locke with the Münster Symphony Orchestra

"Frontier Suite" - Movement III "Libra", composed and arranged by Tim Garland, conductor: Fabrizio Ventura. This was the opening concert of the 2011 Münsterland Festival, September 15, 2011.

Opening Night in Münster / Münsterland Festival

Geoffrey Keezer, Tim Garland, Joe Locke with the Mnster Symphonie OrchestraLeft to right: Symphony Orchestra leader Midori Goto, conductor Fabrizio Ventura, Geoffrey Keezer, Tim Garland, Joe Locke. Opening concert of Münsterland Festival 2011   |   photo: Caroline Bartmann

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Rheinische Post (Germany) "Von New York nach Büderich"

Rheinische Post reviewStorms/Nocturnes visit Meerbusch (Düsseldorf) on their way to a Münsterland Festival Symphonie Orchestra concert.
"Effortlessly building artistic bridges between seemingly contrasting musical genres." [...]
Article/photo by Barbara Steingiesser

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JAZZTHETIK (Germany) "Hallo Wach!" - by Ulrich Kriest

JAZZTHETIK reviewInterview with Joe Locke in German magazine JazzThetik, July 2011.
"Virtuosity is a tool to convey a message artistically, never an end in itself. It is our ambition to create beauty. The maximum freedom can be found in the strictest of forms. Restriction only exists in our imagination." (Joe Locke)  [...]

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JazzTimes "... a private wonderland of the imagination"

JazzTimes VIA reviewStorms/Nocturnes — reedman Tim Garland, pianist Geoffrey Keezer and Vibraphonist Joe Locke — originally evolved out of the septet Garland led on his Made By Walking project in 2000. This percussion-less trio format illuminates the interweaving voices' subtleties, strengths and dexterity. However. it also challenges them to be fully realized at all times; in others words, there's no sonic cushion, no rhythmic safety net, to fall back on. Many of these pieces feature dauntingly complex structures, progressing through multiple shifts in time and key signatures and moving from unison through counterpoint to free improvisation (both solo and collective) and back again. At the same time, the sparse ampience and unforced rhythmic impetus are appropriate and avocative. The overriding mood is meditative and questing yet playful. [...]

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"Eloquent and emphatic, with a pinch of nostalgia"

"In classical music the Americans have tried to interpret the style of the Europeans, in Jazz it has been the other way around for a long time. In the meantime, a trio such as Storms/Nocturnes, made of Tim Garland (sax), Joe Locke (vibes) and Geoff Keezer (piano) is cleverly blurring such categorisations and produces melodic chamber music with the sound of the old world, while being solidly rooted in the energetic art of jazz reminding of Burton/Corea. Therefore "VIA", their third release, represents an amalgamation of traditions.

Eloquent and emphatic, with a pinch of nostalgia."
Ralf Dombrowski (European Jazztival director and Echo Jazz 2011 jury member)

'VIA' nominated for JazzWeek 2011 "Record of the Year" award

Storms/Nocturnes' new album 'VIA' has just been nominated for this year's "Record of the Year" by JazzWeek, the Jazz radio airplay chart of the USA and Canada. The winner is being voted for by radio programmers and international JazzWeek subscribers, and will be announced on June 18, 2011.

"VIA" **** - Mojo (by Chris Ingham)

After a seven-year hiatus, the third album by superstar chamber trio doesn't disappoint

VIA in MojoThe music made by British saxophonist Tim Garland, pianist Geoffrey Keezer and vibraphonist Joe Locke is of such high-end refinement, beauty and excitement that their Storms/Nocturnes trio is in danger of being leader in a field of one. Using a detailed, near-classical composition (three from each player) as a starting point, the group's delicate and fiery ensemble interplay on the themes is impressive enough. Add majestic improvisations of the sort that can only come from instrumental virtuosi with time-earned freedom of spirit and you have music that is little short of wondrous. Combining the earthy with the ethereal, the propulsive with the impressionistic, heart-stopping urgency with heart-soaring romanticism, this extraordinary music will capture you one way or another.

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VIA in JazzWise"VIA" **** - JazzWise

"[...] It's a master class in seamlessly integrating strongly structured through-composition and sinewy improvisation. As ever with great trios, there are no passengers."

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"VIA" - NDR "album of the week"

"VIA", the new album by "Storms / Nocturnes" has - above all musical qualities - as its most striking feature an addiction factor: you'll look forward to listening again and again. A positive atmosphere of love of life rings in almost all pieces, marked by relaxed virtuosity as well as sensitive melodies. Piano, vibraphone and saxophone are an extraordinary combination enabling the crystal clear chamber sound as well as dense complex harmony. Pianist Geoffrey Keezer lives in San Diego, vibraphonist Joe Locke in New York, and saxophonist Tim Garland in London. They've been playing together for 10 years. "VIA" is their third recording after "Storms / Nocturnes" (2001) and "Rising Tide" (2003). read in German on NDR website

Expressive and free
The unusual band name "Storms / Nocturnes" promises a wonderful melancholy that's supported by explosive virtuosity. The music - though expressive and free - is constructed in such a fine and elegant way that its Nocturnes suggest a warm, glowing, pleasant dusk. It's like singing in the dark, gaining courage in an often dire world. Playing their original tunes of timeless, lyrical beauty, these three impress particularly by their effortless and relaxed interaction. Occasional minimalist tonal chains string together or open up a space for artistic freedom, all naturally connected with one another. The jazz journalist John Kelman puts it perfectly: "VIA is a remarkable confluence of form and freedom with telepathic spontaneity."

video: "Daly Avenue"

VIA review on Ultimo Lübeck (Germany)

VIA by Storms/Nocturnes"The fact that vibraphonist Joe Locke and pianist Geoffrey Keezer make a highly captivating team has already been established at JazzBaltica 2007 where they created extraordinary moments, often even outshining the sum of all components. Locke and Keezer have always been sharing a similar musical philosophy and know how to drive each other on to create a live interplay that culminates in the most fiery artistic passion. With the third Storms/Nocturnes recording of their trio with British saxophonist Tim Garland, they present chamber jazz of the highest order." [...] Read all

VIA review on All About Jazz

"... [a] remarkable confluence of form and freedom, never-superfluous or self-indulgent virtuosity, and uncanny, telepathic spontaneity."

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video: "Sword of Whispers"

Joe Locke, Geoffrey Keezer and Tim Garland, live at the Centro Cultural Caja España in Leon, Spain, November 2010. "Sword of Whispers" (by Joe Locke) has never before been recorded by Storms/Nocturnes, but will be available as a digital bonus track for the upcoming album "VIA". Storms/Nocturnes' previous two albums are available here.

new album

VIA by Storms/Nocturnes - Joe Locke, Tim Garland, Geoffrey Keezer

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2011/12 concerts

Mar 12
GB - London
South Bank Centre
Mar 09
GER - Hamburg
Mar 08
GER - Hamburg
Sept 16
GER - Köln
Altes Pfandhaus
Sept 15
GER - Münster
Münsterland Festival
w/ Münster Symphonie Orchestra
Sept 12
GER - Düsseldorf
April 11
GB - London
Pewterers’ Hall
charity concert featuring Jacqui Dankworth
April 10
GB - Bristol
Colston Hall
April 09
GB - Nottingham
Lakeside Arts Centre
April 08
GB - Basingstoke
The Anvil
April 06
GB - Manchester
Royal Northern College of Music
April 05
GB - London
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
April 04
GB - London
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
April 03
GB - Ambleside
April 02
GB - Sheffield
The Crucible

More concerts for 2012 are currently being confirmed. Please contact us for further booking information.

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A new album is in the can and will be on general release from April 2011, with a series of concerts in the UK and launch party at Ronny Scott's in London on April 4th.

LondonJazz review
(February 2010)

FAZ review
(Germany - February 2010)

(March 2004)

AMG album review


Storms/Nocturnes 2003

2001 - today

After two successful album releases and countless concert appearances, Tim Garland, Geoffrey Keezer and Joe Locke reunited in 2010 for a new series of concerts, new music and a new recording...

Storms Nocturnes

Play the music

From the Sirocco releases "Storms/Nocturnes" and "Rising Tide". Both CDs are available here.

Storms/Nocturnes 2007

What others say

"This trio is unique, a chamber jazz form that truly sizzles with virtuosity and creativity. Tim, Geoff and Joe make an amazing trio" - Chick Corea

"Trinity" from Tim Garland's 2000 album "Made By Walking" was the first recording the trio made in this formation. It became the creative seed that eventually grew to be Storms/Nocturnes, kicking off the first two recordings in 2001 and 2003.
"Trinity" is still the popular opening piece of many of their concerts to date.

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If you have an queries or would like to talk about PR or concert appearances, please drop us a note.

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